How To Help

No matter how much talent an athlete may have, reaching that next level is not possible without external resources and support. The success of Rogue Athletic Club relies upon both monetary and service contributions that allow the athletes to train and race at the appropriate level.


World-class athletes do not and cannot work full time. Most of our athletes spend 15-20 hours each week between just running and strength conditioning – that does not include the time required for travel to/from training, proper recovery, sufficient sleep and travel to races.

Funding is necessary to provide travel, race entry, healthcare, massage, nutrition and to assist with day-to-day expenditures that can be hard to cover with a part-time job. Without these things, potential cannot be reached.

How to Donate

    • Simply make a donation via PayPal using your PayPal account or credit card

  • Donate when you register for your NEXT Rogue Running program!  There is a Donation button right on the registration page.  You can donate as little as $10 and can make it a one time donation or a monthly contribution.  Donations are all tax deductible & you will receive a thank you letter and  form for the IRS.

In-kind Donations

There are many things these athletes need that go beyond money. Here is a short list of some ways you might be able to help. Contact us if you can help.

  •  Jobs
  •  Unused frequent flyer miles
  •  Healthcare
  •  Publicity
  •  Various services to help cut down day to day expenditures

Other easy ways to help

  • GoodSearch: Rogue Athletic Club is registered on By searching and shopping through GoodSearch, you can donate to the team.
    • Go to the GoodSearch website, and type TeamRogue (one word) into the “Who do you support?” box.
    • Download the GoodSearch toolbar shown below. Every web search you make through GoodSearch earns RAC a penny!
    • The best way to donate through GoodSearch, is to shop online. Buying a book on Amazon? RAC will get a percentage of every purchase you make through GoodSearch. GoodSearch has dozens of online stores to shop on, all of which will benefit Rogue Athletic Club.
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