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The existence of Rogue Athletic Club is made possible through the generous support of our company and individual sponsors:

Title Sponsors

adidas is the official apparel and shoe sponsor of Rogue Athletic Club while also providing a stipend for travel living expenses.


Rogue Running is the official running store and training facility of Rogue Athletic Club. Rogue provides employment, equipment, coaches, and a training facility for the athletes.

Pacific Health Labs is the official nutrition sponsor of Rogue Athletic Club.

Pure Austin is the official gym sponsor of Rogue Athletic Club.

Sports Performance International is the official injury treatment sponsor of Rogue Athletic Club.

Trigger Point Therapy is the official injury prevention sponsor of Rogue Athletic Club.

AzulOx Photography is the official photographer of Rogue Athletic Club.

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Anthony Ferraro Fitness Training is the official strength and conditioning program for Rogue Athletic Club.

Individual Donors

Debbie Allen

Jason Allen

Joe Berti

Richard Bondi

Daniel Brooks

Jorge Cardenas

Stephen Caruso

Steve Chase

Shelly Cole

Bruce Coleman

Niccole Crank

Ruth England

Heather Escobedo

Barrett Fry

Kinloch Gill

Kristi Grace

Alicia Hawley

Chris Hayes

Alicia Isaac-Cura

David Isquick

Kerry Kern

Joan Laves

Kent Little

Mandi Makarski

Kirsten Matetich

Kate McLaughlin

Priscilla Ojeda

Brian Plunkett

Joseph Sesil

Cameron Siewert

Jon Simon

Chris Skelley

Steve Sisson

Rommel Sulit

Kim Theel

Francie Thurman

Thomas Tobler

Trevor Turner

Stewart Vanderwilt

Mike Ward

Tammi Wight

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