TeamROGUE is a non-profit 501 3c, it’s mission is to foster running in the Austin community and beyond.

TeamROGUE’s first project came with Rogue Athletic Club, a post-collegiate, training, and support group for middle distance/distance athletes who possess the talent and potential to be world class, but not the resources.

TeamROGUE’s newest project is Marathon High. The elite team members mentor and coach high school and middle school students to run in the Austin Marathon.  The purpose of this program is to teach and demonstrate the benefits of exercise and health as well as how to set big goals and attain them.

Marathon High began in June of 2012 in just 2 schools, Ann Richards’ school for Girls and Eastside Memorial. The current training group has over 350 in 10 schools, who are planning on running the Austin Marathon or Austin Half Marathon in February.

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