Prospective Athletes

If you are interested in joining RogueAC, email Ruth at  Include a lists of PRs, current race results and some info about yourself.

Here is what sets us apart from other groups:

1) Austin

Austin is the coolest town in America.  Austin enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year as well as 175 parks, 23 green belts, and 30 miles of hike and bike trails.  Austin is an innovative, trendy, exciting city with a young and creative population. You will find many outdoor and indoor music venues and events (South by Southwest, Austin City Limits and Antone’s to name a few), and plenty of other festivals and events.

Great Job Market

As a developmental post-collegiate athlete, you often have to work to supplement your stipend from adidas. Fortunately, Austin is a great place to find a job. Forbes ranked Austin #1 in its Best Cities for Jobs in 2011 (for Large Cities, 6th overall).  We have a diverse employment opportunities including technology, health care, business sectors, education, government and entertainment.  As a member of RogueAC, we’ll help you find the best part-time job for your wants and needs.

Austin allows you to be YOU

Austin is a fun, eclectic town that allows many escapes from training (when you need them!).  Austinites love eating out at restaurants, going to concerts, and having plenty of outdoors activities, all of which athletes on RogueAC get to take advantage of. The Austin culture is another aspect that makes our team unique! Seriously, we believe that happy, balanced and well-rounded people make the best runners. As a result, Austin is the perfect place to run professionally.  We have unbelievable training spots and more than enough avenues to express yourselves and find balance in your lives.

Austin Weather

Believe it or not, Austin weather is pretty ideal for training.  It’s cool when it needs to be but never so cold that you risk slipping on ice or forced to train in arctic winds and three feet of snow. Meaning, we have the best temperature to train during the all-important strength phase: the winter. While everyone north of Texas is training in the ice and snow we are in ideal conditions, 50-60 degree temperatures.

Yes, it is hot but at a very good time. Our worst months are August and September, times when we are typically out racing nationally, in Europe, at USATF champs, on break, altitude training or doing base work.  In a nutshell, eight to nine months out of the year Austin is perfect for training

Housing and Transportation

Leasing a property in Austin is probably one of the more difficult parts of moving to Austin, because it is so popular to live here.  The average rental price for a one bedroom is $948 while a two bedroom is $1174.  Athletes that move to Austin are encouraged to pair up with another athlete in order to afford living in Austin.  Despite the price, there are lots of affordable cool and funky places to live.  Even if you decided to live alone, you’d be ok. Austin is in the 5 safest cities of any size in the US.  It still has a small town feel and small town crime statistics that keep this large city very livable.

We don’t have a team house because we don’t recruit the type of athlete that would continue to enjoy the college lifestyle associated with everyone living under one roof.  Our athletes are unique, independent, and creative and while they all train together and get along, they create their own lives outside of the team.

As far as transportation goes, a car, truck, scooter or motorcycle is an almost “must” for any athlete.  Bicycling is also an option.  We are not a bicycle-transportation epicenter (this isn’t Europe!) by any means but we do have an abundance of bike lanes and they are growing!  Lastly, the RogueAC training center is located about ¼ mile from a train terminal so depending on where you live, the train is an option.  All in all, the bulk of our training happens within a 3-mile radius of downtown making the non-car life doable, albeit offering a few challenges.

2) The Coach 

Your success at the post-collegiate level requires optimal training and high performance racing.  Optimal training requires a coach that knows what is happening to the body at the microscopic level; how it adapts to stimuli, how it breaks down, how recovers, etc.  But training is only part of the sport. True success rides on racing and racing requires a coach that has been through it all and done it on multiple levels. A coach that can motivate and prepare you for whatever competition brings. A coach that can make sure your training matches the results on paper.

Steve Sisson

  • Former women’s distance coach at the University of Texas at Austin
  • In 7 years, coached Mia Behm to 2nd at the 2011 NCAA Indoor National Championships, Sara Sutherland to 5th at the 2012 NCAA Indoor National Championships and 8th at the 2013 NCAA Indoor Meet and led the Lady Longhorns to three consecutive NCAA Cross Country National Championships
  • Coached eight All-Americans from the 800m to the 10,000m, including cross country.
  • Competed for the University of Texas from 1989-91 and in 1993
  • Three-time All-American in cross country and track and field at UT
  • 19th at the 1990 NCAA Cross Country National Championships
  • 3rd at 5000m at the 1993 NCAA indoor meet
  • 5th in the 10,000 meter run at the 1993 NCAA outdoor event
  • High-point Scorer at the 1990 Southwest Conference Outdoor Championship (2nd, 10,000m; 1st, 5000m; 1st, Steeple Chase)
  • Member of Team USA at the International IAAF World Half-Marathon Championships
  • Member of Team USA at the Niagata (Japan) Ekiden Relay
  • 1988 Texas 5A state champion at 3200 meters

3) The Rogue Community

You are not doing this alone! If you join RogueAC you will automatically have over 5,000 fans that love you and support you.

RogueAC is part of a prominent run-training system here in Austin, Rogue Running.  Established in 2004, Rogue Running trains over 5,000 people annually to run everything from the 5k to ultramarathons.  That means 5,000 people that want you to succeed. 5,000 people to help you find a temporary job. 5,000 people for you to encourage and share in the magic of running with. Basically, 5,000 people to help you fulfill your dreams.

The Rogue Running community is unique, to say the least. In fact, it is more of a culture! Thousands of adult athletes bust their butts day in and day out to reach their goals, all with a smile on their face.  That type of energy and environment is infectious.  Immersing yourselves within it makes training much easier.

4) Sponsors and RogueEQ

Like many teams, our athletes have sponsors that provide gear, nutrition, physical therapy, soft-tissue work, rehabilitation services, stipends for daily expenses and money for travel. Additionally, our athletes have access to retail products via Rogue Equipment (RogueEQ), a run specialty store attached to our training center.

5) Board and Manager

Our manager and board of directors ensure our team is constantly progressing and our athlete’s needs our met.  The board drives fundraising while our manager, Ruth, ensures the athlete is taken care of. This leaves our coaches in a position to coach and our athletes in a position to keep running the primary focus.

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