Nicky Akande

1.) Events

800 m, 1500 m, 5000 m

2.) Education

Villanova University

3.) Personal Bests

800 m – 2:04

1500 m – 4:17

4.) Career Highlights

Member of 6X Penn Relays Championships

Member of 2010 National XC Villanova Championship team

3X all american

2012 Mid Atlantic Region Cross Country Champion

5.) Personal Information


-Why did you choose RogueAC?

Steve seemed like the perfect fit for me, a middle between overly laissez faire and super strict. I have always heard great things about the city of Austin, so I wanted to check it out for myself. Also, I loved being a part of a team in college and really wanted to continue that through my professional career; Rogue was the perfect opportunity for that.

-What is your least favorite band?


– Favorite post-run food

Burger with pepper-jack cheese, bacon, and guac with sweet potato fries and a caesar salad

– Favorite workout

1k repeats and anything fast

– Heads or Tails?


– Who is the most influential or inspirational person in your running? Why?

Bob Drouin. He was my very first running coach and without him I would have never started running. He gave me a glimpse of my potential and I have only gone up since then.

– Dream job after running

Lawyer working for an organization that deals with international/human rights law and affairs

– Favorite movie

Slumdog Millionaire

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