It has been a while since we had any new videos from the team, but alas, the time has come!  We’ve got a bunch of new videos up right now, and we’ll have more coming shortly.  Just because the videos look great doesn’t mean they were easy to complete.  Matt Cleaver was heard numerous times yelling “Gahhh! I hate technology!  All of it!”  Others had an equally fun time, but in the end everything worked out.  All of the old videos are still here if you want to rewatch, just scroll down a little further.  Enjoy!

Austin Bussing

Devin Monson

Matt Cleaver

Kristen Findley

Sarah Pease

Jeff Sadler

Anne Jones

Cate Westenhover

David Adams

Carl Stones and Andrew Benford: Stoneford Residence

Chris Gowell: Too sexy for my shirt

Scotty Mac: Just a little running

JT Sullivan: Rogue to recovery

Alli Mendez: Rogue Running

Mard Goldkamp: Big pimpin Adidas style

Tia Martinez: Tia RAC

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