Devin Monson

1.) Events

5000 m, 10000 m

2.) Education

Hamline University – BA 2012

University of Wisconsin-Stout – MA 2014

3.) Personal Bests

5k – 14:05;  10k – 29:00

4.) Career Highlights

2014 USATF Outdoor Championships 10,000 m run – 12th place

Fargo Half Marathon champion 2014, Grand Forks Wild Hog Half Marathon Champion 2012-2014

3-Time Division III All-American (XC, 5k, 10K)

5.) Personal Information


-Why did you choose RogueAC?

I was looking for a group to train with after college and got a hold of Steve Sisson and he invited me down for a visit. It was everything I was looking for: great weather, a vibrant running community, teammates that I mesh with and will push me, and a coach who can motivate me. I had to convince my parents to let me take this next step and after a few stipulations I was set to pack up and leave. It has been even more than I imagined and that is because of how great the Rogue Running community is. I never expected to find such a diverse group of runners so passionate and fun.

-What is your least favorite band?

Most overrated – Bruce Springsteen. I like some of his music but I just don’t understand people’s crazy love for him.

– Favorite post-run food

Burger and fries, though I try to limit consumption.

– Favorite workout

5 by a mile at 10k pace, or 1000 m/600 m ins and outs of 5k pace/steady pace.

– Heads or Tails?


– Who is the most influential or inspirational person in your running? Why?

My teammates throughout my journey:

High School – Dustin Umland was the first runner I looked up to, and he helped me see what it took to be a good runner.  He showed me how to train like a collegiate athlete before I ever was one.

College – Ellis Richardson was my classmate and we basically ran every day together for 4 years.  We would attack each other during workouts and both achieved more because of it.

Rogue AC – Chris Gowell and I are very competitive with each other in workouts, always trying to one-up each other, and that makes the workouts fun and challenging.  We both race different events so we help each other strengthen our weaknesses.

– Dream job after running

College coach at my Alma Mater

– Favorite movie

Not sure about a favorite, but the movie I’ve seen the most is Armageddon.

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