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Rogue Haiku by JT Sullivan


Last I was heard from

Limericks were my style

This time, Haiku tempts


In poetic prose

Syllables: five, seven, five

My story told here…


The demon tendon

Achilles, not of Greek fame

Slain, like sons of Troy


Training commences

My breath like sharp needles sting

My legs, hardened clay


Day by day, pain exists

A pain I welcome; A pain

I had once thought lost


With each stride, sharp dulls

With each stride, clay turns to dust

Those behind can dine


Fitness supplants pain

Strength and endurance blossom

Speed supplants weakness


The memory fades

The demon tendon is no more

A faint afterthought


The track becomes home

A familiar residence

From which I vanished


I make plans to stay

This home is where my dream grows



But fate intervenes

A new demon shows his face

Hamstring is his name


Fitness disappears

Agony and ache arrive

Notice of evict


A new home is found

A place of foam and rubber

Roll, stretch, ice and rest


Fortitude strengthens

Perseverance resolute

Patience is practiced


The path continues

A road to recovery

The dream is not dead

A Little Pain and Finally Some Gain

by Ethan Doherty

EthanTilting the camera a little sideways gives the illusion of a much steeper hill.

One of my favorite quotes is that for every piece of heaven there is a little hell to pay. This is very true in the world of running, or at least in my world of running. Right after my first race of the outdoor season I started having pain in my left foot and it got to the point that I couldn’t even run ten feet without a sharp pain shooting through my foot. I first tried taking a few days off to try to see if the pain would go away, which it didn’t – it was just as bad! After finally learning how to log my Plus3 activities I went to see Pieter Kroon and Dr. Spears over at SPI.  To no surprise at all, they were immediately able to help me figure out what had been going on and start fixing it. It was a good thing I went to see them when I did because without the physical therapy work it was not going to get any better. They told me if I was diligent about doing the exercises they gave me to do I would be back before the season was over.

So that’s exactly what I did!  I started doing everything that I could to be back running in full swing as soon as possible! I was back up and running in just over two weeks, which isn’t bad, considering most of which was just the time it took me to actually go to SPI. At that point I took the time to refocus on my goals for the rest of the season; I had lost some ground from the time I had taken off but it was nothing that I couldn’t work through to get back where I was.

After a few weeks steadily working back into workouts to make sure that my foot didn’t start hurting again I was finally able to start picking up the pace on intervals without having pain during the workout or after I was done running. My workouts had been going fairly well but I wasn’t feeling like I was getting back to where I was before my foot started to hurt.  Over the last two weeks, though, my workouts have seemed to change for the better.  In fact, I feel more fit than I was even before my foot started to hurt. I feel like I finally made some gains in my training and also being mentally prepared to race. I’m at the point now where I can not only run the times in workouts, but also, when it comes time to race, fight and push through something I would usually over think and let know me out of the race. In my recent workouts the pace hasn’t felt drastically easier as much as I’ve just learned to accept that the way you feel when running fast isn’t necessarily going to be smooth sailing. I feel like I’m going into my next race ready to run fast and not worry so much about how I feel, but rather how I run the race that I know I can.

My next race is going to be at the Music City Distance Festival in Nashville, TN on June 7th.  Many of my teammates are going to be running as well and I’m looking forward to making the trip out there with everyone.  I’m hoping to see PR for me or at least a season best, but I’m also excited to just have a good time and cheer my teammates on. As I said earlier, sometimes there’s a little pain before you make any gain, because for every piece of heaven there’s a little hell to pay.

RAC News

by Jay Gatsby

Hello there!  With track season well underway everybody here at Rogue AC is pretty busy with training, travel, and a variety of other important things, so hopefully this segment provides some insight into how we’ve been holding up.  If not, then hopefully it at least serves as a good excuse to stop working for a couple of minutes while you pretend to read intensely to make your boss think that you are indeed working.  Either way, to each his own.


Now that it’s almost May pretty much everybody has raced at least once.  Many of us opened up at the Texas Relays or a track meet at Rice University before heading out to California for some of the notoriously fast distance carnivals at Stanford and Mt. Sac.  So, uh, here’s how those went.

The Stanford Invite in early April saw several impressive performances for RAC as 8 of us made the trip to Palo Alto.  In the women’s steeplechase, Sarah Pease nearly qualified for the USA Championships with a time of 9:55 (3 seconds off her personal best) to take 3rd place overall.  In another heat of the steeplechase, Mary Goldkamp ran away from the field to win comfortably in 10:07.  In the men’s steeplechase, Matt Cleaver ran 8:44, cutting 10 seconds off his time from the previous week to take 3rd place.  Carl Stones opened his season in the steeplechase, running 8:54 for a solid first race.  In the women’s 5k, Mia Behm ran a personal best of 15:52 en route to a victory in her heat.  Kristen Findley finished right behind in 15:58 which also happened to be a big personal best.  In a very jerky 1500 m race, Becca Friday ran strong to finish 3rd in 4:21, and then doubled back the next day in the 800 m run in 2:07.  The last event of the evening for RAC was the women’s 10,000 meter run (25 laps!) where Alli Mendez led the chase pack much of the way (a tough way to run) on her way to a personal best of 33:12.  Alli also took home a victory one week later at the Austin 10/20!

StanfordSarah chooses not to partake in the Longhorn pride

At the Mt. Sac Relays this past weekend, Danger Dave Edwards, Chris Gowell, and Devin Monson (Devon Monsoon, Devin Moonson, Devion Moonsoon, etc.) made the trip for some good weather and fast races.  In the men’s 1500 m run Chris Gowell destroyed a strong field for 1495 meters before finishing a very close 2nd in 3:40.  Danger Dave followed suit with a strong season opener of 3:49 in his heat of the 1500.  After an impressive 2nd place finish at the Cap 10k two weeks ago, Devin Monson opened his track season in the men’s 10,000 meters at Mt. Sac, but was unfortunately forced to stop with two miles left after suffering a debilitating calf cramp.  When asked about the experience, Monson said “Meh, it was definitely frustrating and that, but I know I’m fit and this just feeds the fire and that.”  Needless to say, he’ll be back and hungry for some good racing.

Devin 1Not even calves can cramp this style

At a small, little-known marathon in the Northeast 2 days ago, Scott MacPherson ran his 2nd fastest marathon time, on a hot day and a tough course to finish in the top 20.  Scotty is fresh off an impressive Cap 10k victory and already has his eyes set on his next marathon.  Also, the marathon he ran may be bigger and better known than I’m alluding to right now.

Check his interview out here.


Unfortunately, with high training intensity and volume come all the little aches and pains.  Sometimes little aches and pains turn into major aches and pains, which take much longer to heal.  Currently JT Sullivan is coming back from a bad Achilles injury which has sidelined him for nearly a full year.  Also on the DL right now is David Adams who is recovering from the foot surgery that he underwent in the fall.  After months and months of intense rehab with Pieter Kroon and Katie Gwynn at Sports Performance International, both David and JT are well on their way to feeling like runners again.  If you’re lucky you might even catch a glimpse of them all harnessed up and running at a reduced weight on the treadmill.  If you’re actually interested in seeing this, just kind of creepily loiter around outside of SPI on Tuesday evenings and periodically peer through the glass.

Tia Martinez and Austin Bussing are both back on the track after injuries of their own.  Thanks to pool running, both Austin and Tia are still fit and ready to race again.

ROGUES BEYOND AUSTIN (city, not Bussing)

Just two weeks ago our beloved teammate and friend, Andrew Benford, packed his life up and headed for the mountains of Flagstaff, AZ to focus on mountain and trail racing.  After two foot surgeries and newfound gluten intolerance, Andrew is back training hard and preparing for the mountain running season this summer.  Though we are sad to see him leave, we wish him the best and will try to keep you posted on his every move.  In his wake he left a 12 oz can of coconut milk, a sugar jar labeled “GLUTEN,” and a University of Richmond license plate which has been a prominent fixture in our backyard fire pit ever since those yella-bellied fools at the University of Richmond cut the men’s track and field team.  I digress.

With the recent trips out to Palo Alto and Los Angeles have come several rare Nicole Bowler sightings.  Nicole had to leave Austin several months ago to continue her rehab after being hit by a car while riding her scooter.  Since being in California, Nicole has ditched her wheel chair in favor of a spiffy new set of crutches which allow her to be partially weight bearing!  Soon Nicole will be making the trip back to Austin, so stay tuned for updates.


On April 4th in Palo Alto between the hours of 7 and 8 pm there were numerous reports of smurf sightings in the woods on the University of Stanford campus.  According to reports, the sightings were brief, as the smurf, described to resemble Smurfette, was moving rather quickly.  Baffled, the Stanford Campus Police Department began investigating the claims, only to come up empty handed.  No new leads have surfaced since, but anybody with information about the Smurfette sighting is asked to contact the Stanford Police Department immediately.


In other news, shortly after his race ended and with the sun setting, Carl Stones took off on a cool down through the Stanford campus wearing a blue racing singlet, blue racing shorts, a pair of blue adidas Energy Boosts, and a white headband to keep his long strawberry-blonde hair in place.  As darkness set in, Stones attempted to take a short cut through the woods on campus to get back to the track, only to end up running aimlessly around the woods with no path in sight for the better part of 20 minutes.  The only light seemed to be that which radiated off his pasty legs.  Onlookers seemed startled to see him, though he’s still not sure why.  Maybe they don’t see many runners.



The season is starting to heat up now and we’ll all be traveling again soon for other races.  This weekend Anne Jones will be heading out to Houston for a race at Rice University.  It is rumored that Anne’s fiancé, a Houston native and current resident, will be in attendance.  In less than two weeks on May 4th several people will be back in Palo Alto for the very competitive Payton Jordan Invitational.  Chris Gowell will be skipping the trip to Palo Alto in favor of a trip up north to run a very fast road mile in the Twin Cities.  We’ll try to update you yet again after these races so that you have more material with which to procrastinate.  Until then, don’t go chasin’ waterfalls.