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This Week in Poetic Prose

by JT Sullivan

Hello World. Good to see you again. Welcome to the third installment of JT’s Blog. Seeing as how it has been probably 6 months since my last blog entry, I certainly have a lot I could tell you about.

For one, I could update you on my training and the state of my achilles injury – it’s going great by the way…very little pain and happy to be getting my ass kicked in workouts again. Thanks Pieter, Katie, Dr. Spears, Emily, Kip and Doug. It takes a village. Or maybe I could tell you about the new house I moved into, with my big room and king size bed. Or perhaps I could regale you with tales of the epic Eminem show I went to last weekend – check that one off the bucket list. He played every song you would have wanted to hear, minus Superman. I love that song. Or I could recount the amazing night of dancing/karaoke I had at Mary’s birthday party after the Eminem show –see my facebook page for a little taste. But all of that writing would be overly boring and long-winded. Instead I’ve decided to keep things short and sweet by utilizing my favorite poetic form, the limerick. And what better subject of these five lined rhymes than my Rogue AC male counterparts. Here we go.


There once was a boy named Jeffrey

Whose legs could run quite deftly

But for each mile he ran

He ate more and more bran

And too soon his bowels did empty


There once was a fellow named Ethan

Who apparently didn’t need to be breathin’

He could talk on and on

Even when all ears had gone

Whether or not there was reason


I once met this giant named Carl

A Greek god of a man, with a snarl

He had Herculean strength

And I knew if I came within length

My arms he surely would gnarl


There once was a young boy named Matt

Who I heard started dating a cat

I hope he knows what he’s doing

Felines need lots of wooing

I hope they don’t get in a spat


I heard about this guy they called Buss

He rarely ever made any fuss

He was so nice and gentle

And never judgmental

But man, that guy knew how to cuss


I once knew this guy nicknamed Hicks

Who sure loved taking his licks

And I don’t mean on lollipops,

Hard candy, or gummy drops

I think you all know I’m talking ‘bout…ice cream (duh!)


Greg was this guy we all met

I’m not sure he’s spoken just yet

With words he is frugal

A big number is googol

Rhyming with frugal is no sweat


A long way away there is Scotty

Who couldn’t race without going potty

No matter the pace

This was always the case

I think we’ll start calling him Squatty


David is another guy on the team

Though for a while he hasn’t been seen

Some think he’s a ghost

Though I know better than most

He’ll come back when Eli’s a teen


I guess I’ll also include Andrew

Who really knows what that guy is up to

He now lives in Flag

That must be a drag

A place where running is all that you do


There once was an old man named Chris

He hailed from Wales if I’m not remiss

Though he could run with the best

He was constantly stressed

For his prostate forbade him to piss


Devin was the name of this fellow

Whose manner was mild and mellow

He crunched all day long

But I guess he was doing it wrong

Because his belly still jiggled like jell-o


I hope you enjoyed all the limericks

Hopefully this will silence all of my critics

“Your blog is past due”

“Tell the people what you are up to”

Well here it is world, no cheap gimmicks