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A Rocky Road

Leslie at Georgia

Leslie at Georgia

I wish I could start off by saying that my transition from college track to Olympic Development training has been smooth and easy… but that would be a boldfaced lie. I can honestly say that my first 7 months in Austin have had more failures than successes, more struggles than victories, and more hardships than cheer. But then again, which Olympic athlete has ever made it to the finish line, looked back and said, “Wow, that was easy!” Very few, if any.

All that being said, I truly cherish the opportunity to be a member of the Rogue AC team, and I value each and every relationship I have made. I have learned, in a very humbling way, what it truly takes to become an elite athlete and how the definition of ‘elite’ has changed over time. I have recognized the magnitude of mental toughness and inner confidence that athletes must own in order to make it to the next level. I have realized that self-discipline, personal sacrifice, and consistency are vital, and that stepping out of your comfort zone to reach places you’ve never been is a must. I have identified that a successful athlete will listen to their body, not their pride, and they will understand how to work smarter, not necessarily harder. Lastly, I have observed the unspoken trust that champions possess in their coach and teammates, and the ongoing communication kept between the group. Needless to say, becoming an Olympic-caliber athlete is no simple task.

Although I have yet to attain my performance goals and still have a long way to go, the insight that I’ve gained from being a part of such an elite group has really opened my eyes to where I need to go from here. You know what they say… “You must reach the bottom to make it to the top.” And luckily, I now understand the attributes I must improve on to only go up from here.

by Leslie Boozer