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Rogue Haiku by JT Sullivan


Last I was heard from

Limericks were my style

This time, Haiku tempts


In poetic prose

Syllables: five, seven, five

My story told here…


The demon tendon

Achilles, not of Greek fame

Slain, like sons of Troy


Training commences

My breath like sharp needles sting

My legs, hardened clay


Day by day, pain exists

A pain I welcome; A pain

I had once thought lost


With each stride, sharp dulls

With each stride, clay turns to dust

Those behind can dine


Fitness supplants pain

Strength and endurance blossom

Speed supplants weakness


The memory fades

The demon tendon is no more

A faint afterthought


The track becomes home

A familiar residence

From which I vanished


I make plans to stay

This home is where my dream grows



But fate intervenes

A new demon shows his face

Hamstring is his name


Fitness disappears

Agony and ache arrive

Notice of evict


A new home is found

A place of foam and rubber

Roll, stretch, ice and rest


Fortitude strengthens

Perseverance resolute

Patience is practiced


The path continues

A road to recovery

The dream is not dead

Allison and Allison

Road racing has always been a special part of my running career. When I plan my spring season, I usually go back and forth on the road or the track- I like to keep this sport interesting. There is a feeling I get when racing on the road… I feed off the positive energy the crowd gives me and its AMAZING! (I’m sure other road racers would agree) Sorry track but I think the road wins this race.

I was very fortunate to begin my 2015 campaign at the 3M Half Marathon two weeks ago and IN AUSTIN! Woo Woo! Although it was a very last minute decision- I trusted my gut and wanted to see what my body could do from a minor injury I had a few weeks prior. After a couple of days of rest and an immense amount of Anti-Gravity treadmill workouts (Thanks Steve), I was able to bounce back pretty quickly. I did my physical therapy exercises religiously and continued to stay positive to get me back on the ground. Patience is not my strong suit so this was extremely difficult. I’m SO glad I made the decision to race because I had the pleasure of running from start (almost to finish) with my former teammate, Allison Macsas. I could not have successfully accomplished this race without her by my side. With the friendly competition we had going on- we executed the race very well without even communicating to each other what we wanted to do beforehand. We simply raced and magic happened that day….We both achieved huge PRs in the half!

Surrounded By Runners = Community

by Devin Monson

After college I knew I wanted to continue running but I was also faced with the sad realization that for most runners, running isn’t a viable option for income in the long run! So instead I went back home and coached at the University of North Dakota while still trying to continue hard training. I loved coaching and living in Grand Forks with two of my great friends, Dustin and Korczak.  I had people to hang out with, a job that paid the bills and a path towards what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, but there was still something missing. It became reality one Saturday when I woke up at 7 am, groggy and sore. I had gone out with my friends the night before till 1 am enjoying their company along with some beverages; As I struggled through my long run alone I thought to myself, I’m wasting my chance to see how fast I can get by staying where I am comfortable.

Devin 2Just too much irony here.

Fast forward a year and a half…

Now I’m in my second house in Austin – no longer living in my one bedroom apartment – surrounded by people with the same passion as me. My two floor house has six guys and one girl who all run and encourage all the things you need to be successful in running. Instead of going out at 10 or 11 at night, as I would have in the past, we take the city by storm right at dinner time and are back home hitting the hay before the evening news is done.

Devin 3Spending time with Austin in Austin.

Surrounding yourself with people who have the same passion, desire and dreams as you can only make achieving your goals easier. But my running community extends far beyond my house and I am constantly reminded how great running can be by the Rogues I see in the store every week. The owners of Rogue have always put great effort into building and maintaining a big sense of community around the training groups and you can feel it when people ask how your workout went, complement you on your last race, and even inquire as to how your day is going.  Community like this makes it hard to fail in running, even when races aren’t going as well as you’d like, and it’s tough to ask for much more than that.

*Update on last few races and upcoming races*

Austin American Statesman 10k – 2nd place in my Cap 10k debut!

Mt. Sac Relays 10k – DNF after a bad calf spasm.

Silicon Labs Sunshine Run 10k – 1st place!

This week I’ll be headed up to North Dakota for first time since September to race the Fargo Half Marathon on May 10th, 2014.

Devin 4An easy win for the ab-less wonder.