Chris Gowell

Chris GowellEvents

800m, 1500m


University of Wales, Cardiff (2004), B.Sc. (Hons) Nutrition & Food Science
Baylor University (2009), M.S. Ed. Health Education

Personal Bests
400m: 47.8
800m: 1:46.8
1500m: 3:39.2
Mile: 3.57.2i
5K Road: 14.17
HM: 1:09.37

Career Highlights

2013 & 2012 Won Jerry Thompson Mile, Texas Relays
2013 2nd All Time Wales Indoor Mile
2013 Qualified for the UK World Championship Trials
2012 Qualified for UK Olympic Trials
2011 Qualified for the World Trials
2010 Selected to represent Wales in the Commonwealth Games, India.
Semi finalist in the 800 M
2010 Big 12 DMR Champion
2009 4th at British Championships 800m
3 time NCAA All-American at Baylor
School Record holder – indoor 1000
2004 & 2006 British U20 & U23 800M Champion.

Personal Information

Why RogueAC? Because even when we run, it’s not about the run but rather the connection we have and what it represents. Steve said he recruits positive energy and how that energy can contribute to the team, not so much how fast you can run, although ultimately that helps. During a rough day, the rest of the team will pick you up. That’s awesome! We have a different take on running, on ‘team’, and its fostered a great family.

Favorite running workout?  This is changing all the time since I’ve joined the group. It used to be anything fast with plenty of recovery. Now I’m being convinced that 20 miles to too far to run on a Sunday. What a problem to have!

Least favorite workout? I used to hate tempos. I should have never told Steve about this because I’ve endured a whole lot of tempos since training under Steve! However, much to my amazement, I’m ‘borderline’ enjoying them.

Your go-to, pre-race meal? No specifics; although pasta, vegetables, and chicken is usually a safe bet the night before. Within reason, I don’t think it matters a whole lot right before a race – the hay is already in the barn at that stage.

Your favorite post-run recovery food?  When I’m home, fish and chips!

What athlete (past or present) most inspires your running? Why? The character in ‘once a runner’ but he isn’t even real! (from what I’ve read, ‘pre’ was very much like the character, Quentin Cassidy). The writer accurately portrays what the runner goes through on a daily basis. The highs and lows and our responses to them. I think that if we can latch onto the raw and pure  reasons ‘why’ we run, as opposed to the statistic written on paper that represents each performance, then we can run happy and times will proceed).  Oh, and this is something that I fail at – working on it though!

Dream job for after your running career? Golfer! Failing that, bending bananas or fixing wind mirrors on sub marine ships.

Favorite Austin Restaurant? Does Wendy’s count? If not, the quality of /Austin’s eateries are well documented, but surely Salt Lick is hard to beat?

French toast, pancakes, or waffles? Texas shaped waffles.

Favorite breakfast taco ingredient? Sausage, Egg, Bacon and Cheese – in that order.

Favorite movie? Waking life – weird.

Favorite TV show? The news at 10

Favorite band? John Mayer. I have grown to love country – when in Rome…


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