A Little Pain and Finally Some Gain

by Ethan Doherty

EthanTilting the camera a little sideways gives the illusion of a much steeper hill.

One of my favorite quotes is that for every piece of heaven there is a little hell to pay. This is very true in the world of running, or at least in my world of running. Right after my first race of the outdoor season I started having pain in my left foot and it got to the point that I couldn’t even run ten feet without a sharp pain shooting through my foot. I first tried taking a few days off to try to see if the pain would go away, which it didn’t – it was just as bad! After finally learning how to log my Plus3 activities I went to see Pieter Kroon and Dr. Spears over at SPI.  To no surprise at all, they were immediately able to help me figure out what had been going on and start fixing it. It was a good thing I went to see them when I did because without the physical therapy work it was not going to get any better. They told me if I was diligent about doing the exercises they gave me to do I would be back before the season was over.

So that’s exactly what I did!  I started doing everything that I could to be back running in full swing as soon as possible! I was back up and running in just over two weeks, which isn’t bad, considering most of which was just the time it took me to actually go to SPI. At that point I took the time to refocus on my goals for the rest of the season; I had lost some ground from the time I had taken off but it was nothing that I couldn’t work through to get back where I was.

After a few weeks steadily working back into workouts to make sure that my foot didn’t start hurting again I was finally able to start picking up the pace on intervals without having pain during the workout or after I was done running. My workouts had been going fairly well but I wasn’t feeling like I was getting back to where I was before my foot started to hurt.  Over the last two weeks, though, my workouts have seemed to change for the better.  In fact, I feel more fit than I was even before my foot started to hurt. I feel like I finally made some gains in my training and also being mentally prepared to race. I’m at the point now where I can not only run the times in workouts, but also, when it comes time to race, fight and push through something I would usually over think and let know me out of the race. In my recent workouts the pace hasn’t felt drastically easier as much as I’ve just learned to accept that the way you feel when running fast isn’t necessarily going to be smooth sailing. I feel like I’m going into my next race ready to run fast and not worry so much about how I feel, but rather how I run the race that I know I can.

My next race is going to be at the Music City Distance Festival in Nashville, TN on June 7th.  Many of my teammates are going to be running as well and I’m looking forward to making the trip out there with everyone.  I’m hoping to see PR for me or at least a season best, but I’m also excited to just have a good time and cheer my teammates on. As I said earlier, sometimes there’s a little pain before you make any gain, because for every piece of heaven there’s a little hell to pay.


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