A Little Adi-Based Inspiration

by Michelle Finn

When it comes to the 2014 track season, there are two very different Michelle Finns. The Michelle that isn’t fully back from injury, who has funny biomechanics, who has no base mileage, who’s too short to steeple, and who has just, quite simply, missed too much time to be fit for track season. This Michelle is already full of excuses, stripped from the miles of a runner, feels naked on the track, has low expectations, and has accepted the fact that this track season is over before it even starts.

Then there’s the Michelle that decided to come hang out today. The one that knows how to hustle! This Michelle has a new appreciation for running. She loves everything and everyone. This Michelle has adopted the “Adi England-Sisson” approach!

Michelle 1

 Adi attempting the spoon-nose trick.

 Meet Adi. Ruth and Steve’s stud muffin dog. Named after Adidas, Rogue Athletic Club’s sponsor, Adi is a perfect advertisement for the brand’s slogan. A true believer that “impossible is nothing”. Adi does what she wants, when she wants. She has her food and eats it (or everyone else’s!) She sings the alphabet song in any order, and her iPod listens to her. If you know Adi England-Sisson, you already know that she doesn’t throw up; she only throws down! Unfortunately though, Adi’s seemingly endless energy gets her in sticky situations that sometimes lead to broken doggy legs and sprained doggy tails.

Back in February after one of my long runs, – a whopping 25 minutes – I was sitting on the edge of the Zilker Park volleyball courts listening to Steve talking to Andrew “Benny” Benford, who was also just coming back from injury. Steve was talking about how Adi had spent probably 80% of the last few months inside, and a lot of that was inside a little cage in their sitting room, resting her poor broken paw. Adi had recently been given the go-ahead to get out and about, and so Ruth allowed her to come for a run with the other dogs – the usual 10 miler! After months of confinement and no exercise, Adi was free to run with her people again. She didn’t think about how much more training the other’s had than she did, about how unfit she was, or about how she might get dropped and left behind. Adi just ran with them. Panting, yes, but panting with her people – just where she left off.  That’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks. Hustling and hanging on at the back of the pack, panting happily! The plan is to get back on the track fairly soon and mix it up in some real races. And this Adi-inspired Michelle can’t wait!

Oh and hey! Look who’s back in Austin for a little bit…and on two feet!




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