Progress is Progress

Not a bad PT partner...

Not a bad PT partner…

by David Adams

I wish I had an exciting new story to tell, but unfortunately not much has changed.  Rehab is slow and challenging rather than quick and easy; if there was a shortcut surely I would have found it by now.  I’m confident that we made the correct choice by moving forward with foot surgery last fall but it isn’t an easy path by any means.  I knew it would be a tough road back and would require a lot of discipline but there was a small part of me that though maybe, just maybe, it would be a quick fix and I would be back training in a few months.  Even though I’ve been able to bear weight on it since 4 weeks post-op it’s been a gradual process of regaining the full movement and dexterity in my toes.  Though the progress is seemingly minute it’s enough to keep me coming back for more towel crunches, wobble board (man do I hate the wobble board) and a million other PT drills in hopes of another sliver of improvement.

So I’ll just keep on plugging away with my PT drills and running at 75% body weight taking my slivers of progress.  Eventually they’ll add up, but it may be awhile, and that’s okay.

David 2

We’re trying to ingrain the Nebraska allegiance from an early age…



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