A Late Blog, But With Much Love

by Becca Friday

Sketched at 35,000 feet elevation

Consumed: 1 overpriced airport mediocre slice of Banana bread, 2 cups of coffee, and too many prunes.

Before entering in a running competition it’s a good idea to train.  Some people prefer to do this really far away from the ocean where it’s hard to breath.  The idea is that when they race closer to the ocean it feels better.  Some people who enjoy camping inside, and running, often purchase altitude tents to sleep in or to pass the time whilst playing Settlers of Catan.  Sometimes when people really, REALLY like to compete in running races they will stop consuming things that make them happy… Like bread, cake, or even beer.  Often when this happens people have to learn new words like quino, acai, and unsweetened hemp milk.

Sometimes camping inside, and quinoa, make people really fast, and sometimes it doesn’t matter.  If you are still reading this blog it’s not because you want to be enlightened with all the secrets of running, but rather because you are curious, or maybe stubbornly clinging onto your initial urge to read this blog and don’t want to be a quitter.  You undoubtedly have a busy day and this blog is probably a little trick you like to use to distract yourself or take a mental break. PERFECT….because there are no honest magic potions I have to offer.  My advice is not golden…I’m thinkin’ mushy banana hue?  Anyway, it’s compostable either way.  A person can prepare all they want but once you’re on that starting line the only thing that matters is what you can control in that moment and how much pain you are willing to endure to bleed the blood of your sport and your passion.

USA Indoor Championships 2014

Becca 1

Everything that I need to run.

I qualified (or rather squeezed into USA’s) with my performance at the Seattle Husky meet for the indoor 1500m.  I had a last minute entry, a quick flight over to New Mexico, then sucked in some thin air and set my alarm for race day as I got into bed.  My phone nearly exploded!!!  Angry feeds were popping up all over.

“Will the real slim shady please stand up?!”

“Runner interfered with machete #disqualified”



My phone overheated from refreshing twitter and my nerves spiked a bit as I settled into my hotel sheets and eventually fell asleep.

The women’s champion of the 3k had been disqualified and Oregon Project’s Jordan Hasay (former teammate and friend) had been bumped up and all of the track community had something to say about it.  I took a deep breath slapped my uniform on and shuttled over to the Alburquerque Convention Center indoor track.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I’d watched the 3k the day before.  It was an honest race, at least from where I was sitting.  The top women in the country, equally as driven and fired up to make a world team.  Bumping around is to be expected on such tight turns at the level.  The meet was no longer just a championship meet and opportunity to match up the best runners in the country, but rather a political brawl and twitter war.  It was entertaining to say the least.

Full statements:

Jordan, Gabe, USATF


For more reading read Phoebe Wright ‘so comical and critical take on the weekend. “The Should-have-been headlines of the USA Indoor Championships! BLOG POST”


I reminded myself to be the best that I could on that day, and let whatever unfolded be a matter of the future and not the present…  I mean shit, Nick Symmonds had the flu the week before and he was focused as ever!

You can train yourself to be mindful, to act out of love without fear or hatred, to live curiously and passionately.  I often hear the voices of past coaches and mentors in my mind lecturing “Don’t worry about what isn’t in your control….just do your job.”

I’ve heard good doers take advantage of opportunities to be more creative, more competitive, and more prepared.  At some point there is only so much you can do that is in your control in a race and you have to trust your intuition and heart and run without fear.  I raced the best I could have on that day in New Mexico.  I felt honored to be in a heat with many women who I have been looking up to since high school. They are partially the reason I’m still competing and loving the sport.  As for the meet drama…Jordan respectfully withdrew her protest and Gabe Grunewald was reinstated her title.

Becca 2Results from USA Indoors

I’d like to think that those who live with integrity will attract good things.

Best wishes to everyone reading.  Stay tuned for updates on outdoor races and my teammates running the Gate River 15k in Florida! This blog is late, late, late, but don’t worry, you will hear more running rambling in the near future if our editor doesn’t fire me.


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