In Direct Opposition to Punxsutawney Phil

by Mark Feigen

Mark 3

While most of the country is still posting post-run beardcicle pictures on instagram in a desperate effort to get “regrammed” by Flotrack, here in Austin it seems safe to say that winter is probably behind us. I am aware that at the time this post is scheduled to go up, it might be in the 30’s, but I’m choosing to make blanket statements about spring being here anyway.

Last week, the highs were in the 70’s and 80’s and where I come from (the northeast) that’s pretty hot. After spending my entire running career grinding my way through northeast winters that often stretched into April, I’m pretty excited to be running shirtless and complaining about the heat before February is even over. In all honestly, winter in Austin is really not bad at all and people complain mostly just because as humans we feel the need to constantly talk/complain about the current weather to anyone who will listen. (Is it ironic or coincidental that I am criticizing how often we talk about the weather in a post I wrote specifically about the weather? Who knows?)

Mark 1This won’t be relevant until later in the post, so please keep reading.

Anyway, while the winter was definitely milder and shorter than any I have experienced in the past, I am still excited to be moving into warmer weather. There are lots of new and exciting things that go away in the winter and make a comeback in the spring. Take short-sleeve button-down shirts (SSBDs), for example. I enjoy wearing a long-sleeve button-down shirt and having to roll the sleeves up as much as the next guy, but it’s nice to cut out the middleman and just have the sleeves short to begin with. Sunburns are also mysteriously absent in the winter, but they make their presence felt quickly once the weather warms up. There is however no commodity that is more missed during the cold months than iced coffee. I realize that I may take some heat for this, as many avid coffee drinkers are opposed to iced coffee; I know Chris Gowell is and I’m sure that there are others. I’m not exactly sure where the anti iced coffee movement finds its base, as I can’t see anything wrong with it. When it’s 100 degrees outside, nothing appeals to me more than 32 ounces of ice cold, caffeine-laden goodness. Don’t get me wrong, I love hot coffee and drink it year round regardless of temperature or any possible factors, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to chug a liter or more of coffee without burning oneself or breaking into an uncontrollable sweat for the hours that follow.

Mark 2Get your Vitamin D at any cost.

While I’m sure that we don’t have long before everyone is complaining about the heat and threatening to move somewhere more temperate, for now everyone seems to be enjoying the weather and I for one am at a loss for something to grumble about.

Mark 4Looks good, doesn’t it?


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